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Lirik SantaMonica - Descent

Lyric Chord Band Picture music SantaMonica

Lyric band indie SantaMonica - Descent
Kill the light to grow a dream
Longing for my pitch black night to fall
Seek out warmth in the cradle of loneliness

Fear to share the need to care
Honey comes from emptiness
Misery is the only thing worth waiting

It's high enough
I'm breathing the lies
I travel as far as it can go
The time flies too slow
Addicted to love
His wiles keep me alive

To grieve for love, is trusting lies
Feels so good to start again, it's true
Taste the tears and now all words flow endlessly

Sunlight hurts the first of bloom
Call the sea to unseen shore my love

How lovely when the trace of glee is nowhere near

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