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Lirik dan Chord Arctic Monkeys - Love Machine

Author : killfash

Lirik dan Chord Arctic Monkeys - Love Machine 

Chords for second guitar under main riff is:
G (bar on fret 3)
A# (bar on fret 6)
C (bar on fret 8)
D (bar on fret 10)


Ladies you're damn right
You can't read a man's mind
We're living in two tribes
A#                         C
And heading for war

Nobody's perfect
We've all got to work it
But fellas, we're worth it
A#                           C
So don't break the law

Your call's late, big mistake
You've gotta hang about in limbo for as long as I take
                                        A#                           C
Next time, read my mind and I'll be good to you
We're gift-wrapped kitty cats
We're only turning into tigers when we gotta fight back
                         A#                       C
Let's go, Eskimo Out into the blue

Come take my hand
Understand that you can
You're my man and I need you tonight
Come make my dreams
Honey hard as it seems
                                     C    D
Loving me is as easy as pie, I

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