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Lyric and Chord band Radiohead + Black Star

Lyric Chord Band Picture music radiohead

Lyric and Chord band Radiohead + Black Star

Album: The bends

Intro- D  Dsus4  Em7    Cadd9   G/B   A7sus4

       D  Dsus4  Em7    Cadd9   G/B   A7sus4    and repeat as needed

G                Csus2/9              G/B                Dadd4/F#

I get home from work and you're still standing in your dressing gown well


what am I to do?

G             Csus2/9               G/B  Dadd4/F#      Emadd9

I know all the things around your head,     and what they do to you

Cadd9                          Bm         D   D7/9     D6/9

What are we coming to?  What are we gonna do?     Blame it on the

Am         G/B  Cadd9                Am         G/B  Cadd9

Black Star              Blame it on the falling sky

          G      Cadd9   G      Gsus4 G  D5

Blame it on the satellite        That beams me home

the troubled words of a troubled mind i try to understand

what is eating you.

i try to stay awake but its 58 hrs since that i last slept with you.

what are we coming to?

i just don't know anymore.

i get on the train and i just stand about now that i don't think of you.

i keep falling over i keep passing out

when i see a face like you.

what am i coming to?

i'm gonna melt down.

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